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Jameric Euro Asian Auto Repair at 13947 Hiram Clarke Road in Houston, Texas

Jameric Euro Asian Auto Repair in 13947 Hiram Clarke Road, Texas: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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13947 Hiram Clarke Road,
Houston, Texas
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Phone: +1 281-888-7315

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Today: 08:00 am — 06:00 pm

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Reviews about Jameric Euro Asian Auto Repair

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    Do not use. Go somewhere else. Take your car and run!!!! Drove my car in for a radiator leak they gave my car to a non employee to fix in exchange for him fixing his motorcycle at their shop. 2 weeks later this girl latovia calls me claiming my timing belt is broke and it will be 1100.00 dollars after arguing why I am paying for something that I didnt break mechanic Sean says sometimes things happen i will give you a discount and they made me pay 899.00 to have my car fixed and then said will fix the radiator for free. Wth??? Picked up my car my that once had a full tank of gas now on below E made it a block and a half to gas station to fill up and guy says maam the bottom of your car is dragging, disnt hear cause of radio. They hadnt bolted the under carriage and stuff was rattling like they left tools in it. They left stuff Disconnected inside my car left car and came back to get car 2 days later, car wouldnt start even when they tried to jump it. LoL. Then they tell me I have an electrical issue. So i need to buy an ac compressor kit and its 450.00 when its only 280.00 at the dealership. End up paying him 300.00 for compressor kit. And I am willing to bet they put a used part on my car and charged me full price. Went to Pick up car a week or so later car stalled out at the store had to get a jump. Called shop owner Sean said he would send tow to pick up in the am. Needless to say that didnt happen. Then said he would come get car. That didn't happen either. So i drove the car to him at 2:30 in the afternoon that now wouldn't change gears when i turn ac on so I had to drive on 1st gear with emergency lights on. Almost 2 weeks later he wouldnt return my calls or text, then lies and said it was fixed he drove it so i went to get car and car wouldn't start. Had to call police so it can be recorded that i am towing my car from this rip off shop and towing to another shop and I will sue this rip off shop in small claims court. Run Run Run !!! Do not take your car there. And be careful of that girl working in their office she is part of the scam. And she lies about stuff with your vehicle. 1400.00 dollars later for a leaky radiator is what i am out so far; And a ton of new mechanical issues from a Douche at Jamerics shop that cannot be found because he was not a licensed mechanic nor an employee. So now i have to pay a reputable mechanic shop to do a full diagnostic and repair my car. And sue sue sue sue the hell out of this horrible shop!!!
    by Aisha
    August 15, 2018
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Jameric Euro Asian Auto Repair is located at 13947 Hiram Clarke Road, Houston, Texas.